1932 ford coupe


1932 ford coupe original shell

1932 ford coupe in 1960 - progress !

1932 ford coupe in racing condition, Custom Built Car

Custom Built Car in 1990 still modifying Ford engine

Custom Built Car







Custom Built Car

1932 Ford coupe

ford sign specifications

1932 Ford Coupe, Custom Built Car

1932 Ford Coupe Restoration

Here is a real Canadian classic story if there ever was one. In the fall of 1953 Harvey Irvine, purchased a trailer load of Ford car parts. Three years later he started racing the load of parts as a fully restored 1932 Ford Coupe custom built car, at the local Dragway Park Cayuga in Hamilton and at St-Air in Montreal, Quebec. Harvey raced it in the summer months and during the winter took it to some of the bigger car shows in Hamilton, Toronto and Detroit. During the 52 years Harvey has owned the 1932 Ford Coupe, Harvey has made a couple of powertrain swaps: 460 Ford; 350 Fury with two 4-barrel carbs; 392 Hemi,with 8-2 barrel carbs and a 671 Blower; home made log manifold with eight 1955 Ford carbs; 426 Hemi, two 4-barrel carbs and a 671 Blower; 413 Mopar, with six deuces on a home made log intake; 426 Wedge cross ram, two 4s'; 302 Ford Engine; 14-1 compression; 350 Chevy stroked to 383; Transmissions: Ford Std; Chevy 4-speed; Mopar auto; Mopar Clutch Flite; 350 Turbo; 400 Turbo; and out back 7 different rear suspensions including a quick change in a 1948 rear end. Harvey has recently replaced his 355 Chevy with a 316 Chevy Zapper with a 700 R-4 transmission, Eldelbrock Air Gap and a 650 Edelebrock CFM carb.

This 1932 Ford Coupe was featured in Popular Customs in 1965 and has won numerous awards in Canada and the States. Havey and Joan Retired to Parksville in 1991and Harvey has kept busy with Boss-T- Automotive specializing in rebuilding and manafacturing chevy and ford high performance engines and custom built engines.

Custom Built Car History

The love of custom built cars goes back decades for more information visit custom car


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